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Just a couple of ladies with a collection of ABJDs that we want to spoil rotten. Rikka likes to sew and makes clothing for the kids, while Sylvyr does aesthetics and mods.
Crimson Chimera
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WIP Attack on Titan commission. Tiny tiny details! Main construction, lining and straps will commence tomorrow. 


The next Paper Sakura Group pre-order is now up, since the last batch of pre-orders are now shipping and / or are now ready to ship (including my Ruby & Sapphire - Yay, Easter Bunnies ^^)

This next pre-order includes both Ruby and Sapphire rabbits again, the little round dumpling hamster, round dumpling Mi kitties in black and white & the little round Snowshoe bunnies also in black and white, & Black Takako.

Anyone wanting a look, see for the official Taobao store OR reseller, BJD Fantasy Parts’ pre-order page at (although they only have Sapphire & Black Takako up at the moment…assuming that will change shortly).

The current pre-order ends May 25th.


Little Monsters by oceanumbrellas on Flickr.

[Volks YoSD White Rabbit]


So there’s been a tiny spurn of hate towards doll collectors with “too many” dolls. We’re either hoarders, greedy, don’t love our dolls that much, blah blah blah.

Have you ever considered that maybe we’re creating minions to do our evil bidding once we become overlords of our newly enslaved world? No one takes dictators with just a few  dolls seriously. But 30+  creepy ass modded dolls staring into your soul? BOOM. Obedience.

Fear your dolly overlord.


​Comet got new eyes. They’re a little more pink looking irl than in the photo on etsy, where they were a lot more purple looking. Oh well. They’re kinda temp. (Still waiting on soom eyes).

And yeps, he has pigtails XD ❤️


The Moth collection that I’ve presented on the IV LDoll Festival in Lyon, France is finally available on Etsy.

You may find the very special one only for you (‐^▽^‐)

More information about them in the blog

Link to Vertales’s Etsy shop


晴明 by Murasaki“☆ on Flickr.