Crimson Chimera

Just a couple of ladies with a collection of ABJDs that we want to spoil rotten. Rikka likes to sew and makes clothing for the kids, while Sylvyr does aesthetics and mods.
Crimson Chimera

We’ve figured out what we’re going to do as an SD contest piece for the St. Louis BJD Convention. Still debating what we’ll do for MSD, but it’s probably going to be for one of the boys.


Rodan - Fairyland MiniFee Kyle Tyr
Kyrie - Fairyland MiniFee Vampie Elf Woosoo
Ixilan - Withdoll Kyle

Good morning! 

Vlasta ~ Luts Dreaming Lishe/Soom Cuprit Hybrid

WIP AoT commission - sculpting of the 3DMG is underway! When the clay dries, edges will be sanded smooth and the tanks will be carved. #bjd #sculpting #aot #commission #sylvyr

Killua - he’s my fave character in the anime Hunter x Hunter, so of course I was excited to try and create him. Sylvyr loved the show before I knew what it was and she did his lovely faceup. I just had to post another picture of him. 

Killua ~ Luts Kid Delf Bory

WIP Killua commission - can I just take a second to talk about knits in doll scale? Maybe it’s just me but holy crap, tiny collars and sleeves with a sometimes (often) fussy fabric? It took me three tries to get even close to what I was going for. I’m really excited about the shorts though! 


Early Morning Sun on Flickr.

September Resin Aperture Challenge “Fill the Frame”

(via karla-chans-bjds)

Mahaya and Valentin trying out the new photo zone. This is so exciting!

Mahaya - modded Luts Vampire Elf LuWen
Valentin - Infinitidoll Justin

WIP AoT commission - stand-in 3DMG for size reference. Sylvyr has begun sculpting it, so just imagine those badass swords in his hands. Complete with dramatic lighting.